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Why phoenix?

Performance & Quality

Phoenix Boats is comprised of anglers: from weekend anglers to local tournament anglers to an Elite Series angler. This allows us to provide high performance boats along with the best fishing platform on the market!

Every model we produce is balanced, not only from bow to stern, but also from port to starboard, to give customers the handling and comfort that they have grown to love. Balance allows for smoother rides in rough water conditions and exceptional turning capabilities while staying dry in the cockpit.

Our Models


Designed with you in mind.

We have meticulously designed our boats so our customers can enjoy every moment on the water, whether that is fun fishing, practicing for a tournament or while the clock is ticking until weigh-in.

We have developed a model lineup that has something for every bass angler out there. Phoenix Boats brings you the value of choice and customization. Our customers have a choice in how they want their boat built.

We offer a variety of selections on engines, trolling motors, electronics, battery chargers and numerous accessories to allow you to customize your boat.

Phoenix Bass Boats

See The Phoenix Difference